Plague Doctor

If your heart is broken,

Find another. Rummage
one half-price, leathery,
greaved (not aggrieved)
from a burlap man with
passable scar-texture. Throw
the old one to pit-wolves
as hungry as you. Leave
his body (and yours).

If the mirror is broken,

Blame your eyes. When
half your face, bisected down
your throat (collarbone) cracks
off hinges and takes the freckles
you liked (until he didn’t),
make sure to smash
the white holes trapped
inside the maggots.

If you can’t stop hurting,

Shave your skin. Find a new
suit, gaping at a fresh seam,
and try it on. Leave the hanger
swinging. Mold a new flesh
to fit the tubes (the fingers),
the corners (shoulders, hips),
and measure your new sizes. Lock
the closet and eat the key.

Stitch yourself closed.
Burnish your heart.
Wear new contacts.
Take down the mirror.

Say it’s “fixed.”


18 thoughts on “Plague Doctor

    1. Thank you, and I would love to do that! I’ve had no Internet the past couple of days, so sorry for not responding quicker. What kind of collaboration would you like to do? (I’ve never actually done one before!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I could do either. My email for Phantasmagorium is, but comments work just as well. We could talk either here or in the comments on the “Phantasmagorium” page.
        And that idea does sound interesting! In fact, it sounds marvelous, and like a lot of fun. Lord knows we both have magic to spare. I can’t wait to get started!


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